Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when to add more minerals:

You will know you need more minerals when: 

Time: It's been 5-6 months since you first installed the cylinder into your pump basket.

Your chlorine demand goes up: When your chlorine demand goes up to where it was before installing the mineral algaecide cylinder in your pool.

Cloudy or green water: When your water starts to turn cloudy or green, it's time to add the booster which will last another 5-6 months, (depending on bather load, filter backwash frequency and splash out)

Note: Because a small amount of minerals are still working in the water you will notice a gradual change over about a two week period. This gives you plenty of time to add a booster.  We recommend you purchase the booster with your first order to have it on hand when needed. Remember, each booster treats up to 20,000 gallons of water. Order extra booster if your pool has more than 20,000 gallons of water.

Do I need to replace the cylinder every year if my pool is a seasonal pool:

No. The Specially treated alloy metal inside the cylinder will last a total of one year of use. If your pool is only open for three to four months a year, simply add the booster at the beginning of each season for the next three years with the cylinder remaining in your pump basket.

Do I need to run my pump 24-7:

No.  We recommend you run your pump for the time it takes to overturn your total water volume (1.5 times in a 24 hour period), and during the heat of the day.  If you don't know what your overturn volume is, you can run your pump 12 hours on and 12 hours off.  You can ask your pool builder or manufacturer what the turnover ratio is for your pump system with the size of your pool.

Can your mineral algaecide products save water:

Yes. By using up to 75% less chlorine and no algaecides, shock, clarifiers, or phosphate removers, you will have less total dissolved solids build up in your pool water that are only removed by special filters or by draining the water, (partially or totally), from your pool. Plus, we recommend you  backwash your pool once a week after vacuuming and keep your TDS under 1,500 ppm.  Recommended time to backwash is 3 minutes minimum-5 max. Our products work with any type of filter.

Do your mineral algaecide products change my water chemistry:

The only change you will see is less chlorine or salt demand in your water. Your residual chlorine will be stable-longer while allowing the chlorine to be more productive in your pool (killing bacteria), and your pH and chlorine levels will be easier to control. You can reduce your residual chlorine levels to .05-1.0 ppm for residential pools (less chlorine is healthier than more chlorine), and 1.5-2 ppm for public pools. Remember, when you first install our products in your pool, allow the residual chlorine to be around 1-2 ppm. If you have too much chlorine in your water the chlorine will become hyper and the minerals will stabilize that amount of chlorine for some time.

Are your products affected by sunlight or heat:

No. The minerals are only lost through backwash, splash out and heavy algae kill. All our products use a patented chelating agent that protects the minerals from falling out of solution.

Do the minerals have any ill affect on humans or pets:

Not in any way.  Less "chemical soup" in your water actually gives you a much healthier swimming environment for you, your family and friends, your customers or tenants.

Do you have any type of guarantee:

Yes. We stand behind our products to perform as intended to. If in the first thirty days after you install our mineral algaecide cylinder in your pool (spa or hot tub), and you see any algae growth, return the cylinder for a full refund no questions asked. It is very important to size the right product for your pool or spa/hot tub. If you don't know the volume of water in your pool, spa or hot tub simply measure the perimeter of your pool, spa or hot tub and the depth of the shallow and deep end, then go to the top of our home page and click on pool calculator/gallons and enter the measurements in the appropriate boxes with the type of pool you have (round, rectangular, oval).

Are there any shipping charges:

Not in the continental United States.

Can I buy this product in my local pool supply store:

Probably not. Pool supply stores rely heavily on chemical sales (chlorine, shock, algaecides, clarifiers, ect.), to make their profits. If they sold one product that reduces and eliminates the sale of other products in their store, it would hurt their overall sales.