Product Testimonials

The following testimonials are from mineral algaecide users

In the spring of 2013, I spoke with the Aquatics Supervisor for Palm Beach County Florida. I asked her about her experience with the mineral sanitizer (we sell). She said they tried it in 2011 in a 650,000 gallon aquatic complex. In 2012, they put it in all 6 aquatic centers and 2 water parks. She also told me they saved about $3.00 on chemical costs for every $1.00 they spent for the algaecide. Their customers told her it's the best water quality in the county.           Charles Kozicky/owner-Clear Pool USA


  • We completely changed our service company by introducing your product to our customers. Our customers now have clear, clean, ECO-friendly pools, and are using 75% less chlorine compared to the prior year.  Bottom line, we have happier customers and we are saving money.


  • Jumped in my pool for the first time since installing your product.  Amazing difference, you are right.  Does this work in large institutional size facilities (50 meter pools) ?


  • I started using your product two years ago on some of my problem pools.  The results were outstanding.  Simply put, those  pools turned out to be some of my best pools.  So this past summer (2012) I bought over 100 units, to put in a third of my pools.  Results were I used less chlorine tabs, and the pools looked great with no algae.  As a company owner, I was nervous about the cost.  However if you figure it out on paper, you will see the savings.  For the summer of 2013, I look to purchase 300 to 400 units. Yes my company has grown. This year was our best year yet.


  • We're a supporter of your product and are very happy with it. The pool industry in Phoenix resembles a major league umpire, normally you get no feedback so no news is good news.  It's when they speak you have to watch out for.  With your product, anyone who's taken the fortunate route of acquiring your product has not only given great reviews, but have gone out of their way to do so.  It sells itself with the best advertisement money can buy, word of mouth, with a good reputation quickly being earned!  Thanks.

  • I am not sure if I am unusual or not, but I must say...your product is by far THE BEST in the world!!  I have tried all the different brands of algaecides and have been disappointed.  When your product became available in California, I tried it.  I TRULY believe that if all the pool people in this town were aware of and used your product, all, and I mean All other algaecide brands would be in trouble.  I feel I have a little secret that I want to share...but want to keep it to myself also.  In my local IPPSA chapter there are only about 2-3 guys who know of or heard of your product and none of them have ever tried it (we currently have about 60 members). I have put this in my worst pools....HORRIBLE BLACK ALGAE that I battled all last year...ALL GONE!!!  The water in the pools is like spring water at 40,000 feet.  I am not sure what you have created...but it is worth it's weight in gold!!  I have always dreaded the swim season and my problem pools...NOT THIS YEAR!!!  Thank you so much for an amazing product.  One that FINALLY does what it claims. (actually, much more than you claim!!!)

  • I was doubtful when I saw this product. We all see products that are touted as the next best thing only to buy them and be disappointed. Well, you won't be disappointed with this product! Literally cuts pool maintenance down to near zero. Water is fresh and soft and algae free. This is an awesome product - get the same results as expensive ionizers for a fraction of the cost. I will be buying this again. Awesome product!!
  • When I switched to this mineral system I could not believe the quality of my spa water, no more chemical smell and my skin was not dried out like it used to be. The water clarity is so much better too. I used to use my spa once a month now I am in it at least two times a we

  • Your Mineral System is an awesome product which keeps my pool water crystal clear. It may seem pricey but when you weigh the cost against the cost of chemicals to combat algae and swimming days lost to funky green water I figure you are saving $$$. As long as they're available I'll fork over the greenbacks for this little miracle.
  • For a few years my pool specialist has been using this product in my pool. Everyone who sees the pool comments they have never seen a more beautiful pool. The water is clarified so quickly and the need for chemicals is drastically reduced. I don't have algae problems and before this system I had terrible problems keeping enough chemical in the water and the water would get cloudy. Even when the wind blows and the leaves cover the water it still remains clear and beautiful. This is a miracle technology. 
  • I have used your products and have not added any additional products to my hot tub. Your products have kept my hot tub clear and clean. As well, I have saved money by not having to buy all those different water products.

  • This product has saved my business.  I understand water chemistry and I was a skeptic...until I used it.  This is one of the few products that actually does what it claims...and more
  • This is our fourth season using this product. We had NO pool experience prior to installing our pool.  This product makes our pool virtually maintenance free.  All we have to do is the opening clean-up, float a couple of chlorine tabs throughout the season and that is it!  Our water stays crystal clear all season long.

  • I heard about it and looked at a neighbors pool and decided to try it. We love it, the pool is clean and sparkles and less hassle then using chemicals. I use a 1/3 of the chlorine that I used before, so there is a great savings there. We have recommended it to our daughter, who has a salt water pool, and her brother in-law and they could not be happier either. I recommend it to anyone that has a pool, and know that we will use it as long as we have a pool. Thank you it is wonderful, because to tell you the truth I was about to get rid of the pool.